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Hybrid Chisel - Narrow-Transport Model

If your goal is to size and incorporate residue in the top 8-12" of soil while leaving the soil level enough for a single-pass tool in the spring, the Great Plains Turbo-Chisel® is the tool of choice!

Great Plains’ exclusive 22" Turbo Coulters on 7½" spacing start the process by slicing residue. The 22" blades run on a 1¾" gang bolt with cast spools, putting the weight “in the gang” for outstanding performance and reliability. The gang bearings are field-proven maintenance-free 211 bearings with cast housings mounted to our heavy-duty 1" x 3" C-shank standards. The coulter bar is hydraulically adjustable for on-the-go depth control.

Models available are 9-15 shank rigid or 7-23 shank folding with a recommended horsepower requirement of 30 hp per shank. Units can be equipped with either standard chisel shanks throughout, or toggle trip parabolic shanks. The heavy-duty toggle trip shanks trip at 2,450 pounds, ensuring consistent depth up to 12" deep with uniform horizontal fracture. Rear attachment options include the choice of a “buster bar” to level and smooth the ground or our Great Plains chopper wheels to crumble clods while firming the soil.

There are other coulter chisels available on the market… but there is only one Turbo-Chisel!

  • Hybrid Machine with Heavy-Duty Toggle-Trip Shanks: When equipped with heavy-duty toggle-trip shanks, this "hybrid" unit works in the 8" to 12" range (rather than the 13" to 15" range required by disk rippers) while horizontally fracturing soil much better than a disk chisel. Toggle-trip shanks can't float. They either run at the set depth or trip - there is no inbetween. The Heavy-Duty Toggle Trip Shank has a 2,450-pound horizontal trip force and will automatically reset when tripped.
  • Exclusive 22" Turbo Blades: On 7½" spacing, the 22" Turbo Blades outperform competitive tools by sizing and mixing residue on the surface. While competitive, concave-disc tools simply cut off and roll long, stringy stalks, Turbo Blades size residue to ensure maximized mixing and enhanced decay.
  • Available Shank Combinations: Order the Turbo-Chisel the way you want it with two different shank combinations: Standard Chisel (pictured: two shanks on the left) or Heavy-Duty Parabolic (pictured: shank on the far right).
  • Walking Tandem Axles: Maintain consistent mainframe height for accurate, consistent tillage depth control.
  • Optional Patented Angled Rear Chopper Wheel Attachment: Patented angled chopper wheels pull dirt back into shank voids, leveling soil while maintaining the vertically-tilled profile left by the shanks.
  • Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings: Reduce maintenance time and extend life of bearings. These 360° self-aligning bearings are never sideloaded. A six-lip seal on each side locks in grease and prevents contamination. Additionally, the walking beam pivots utilize Teflon™-coated bushings, eliminating the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points.
Model Info
  • Models: TCN5311
  • Shank Spacing: 15"
  • Coulter Spacing: 7.5"
  • Transport Tires: 12.5Lx15 12-ply (4)
  • Weight (Approx Lbs): 11,500
  • PTO H.P. Req (Min): 230+
  • Tillage Width: 13' 9"
  • Transport Width: 9' 10"
  • Transport Height: 9' 10"
Tillage Info
  • Center Section: 9'
  • 1st Wing Section: 2' 6"



Working Width
13 ft. 9 in.
9 ft. 10 in.


Recommended HP
230+ PTO hp
11500 lb.

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