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Precision Semi-Mounted

Nutri-Pro® Precision implements are semi-mounted with lift assist and designed to work with RTK guidance for precision-placed high-value nutrients. These units integrally mount to the tractor and follow its path, regardless of curves and contours. By utilizing the same guidance during planting, the seed is placed right where the farmer wants it in relation to the fertilizer, creating the perfect growing environment. With a movable hitch, adjustable rear casters, and removable coulters (on the 3-coulter option), Nutri-Pro Precision converts easily to a precision sidedressing toolbar. Hydraulic weight transfer applies center weight to the wings for consistent depth across the entire machine width.

Anhydrous models (NP2330AA, NP2540AA) can be equipped with either the NH3 shank or the award-winning NH3 high-speed coulter row unit. Popular options for shank models are the lead turbo or fluted coulter and exclusive spider closers.

Liquid fertilizer models (NP2330LL, NP2540LL) can be purchased with either one, two, or three coulters per row. The 3-coulter units can be equipped with optional row cleaners to create an excellent strip-till toolbar. Also a liquid toolbar, the NP2540BL model is designed for farmers who want to precisely place liquid fertilizer on raised beds. Liquid models can be configured with up to two 300-gallon poly tanks.

  • Variflow Nozzles: Change orifice size to produce a constant, even supply of chemicals – regardless of the pressure.
  • Vantage 1 Liquid Fertilizer Coulter: Heavy-duty 20" design for application of liquid fertilizer; 480-pounds of pre-load.
  • Hydraulic Weight Transfer: Weight is transferred hydraulically from the center of the unit to the wings to ensure uniform depth and coverage across the total width of the machine.
  • 3-Coulter System: Pre-apply Nitrogen (N) or Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK), remove residue, and prepare and till the planting zone to create a clean, warm, fertile seedbed for fast, even emergence.
  • NH3 Nutri-Pro High-Speed Anhydrous Coulter: The new Anhydrous Coulter option revolutionizes the application of anhydrous ammonia with a 22" anhydrous coulter blade for precise, high-speed anhydrous placement. With the ability to apply and seal anhydrous ammonia up to 6" deep at a speed of 8 miles per hour, the Anhydrous Coulter provides unmatched speed and productivity with minimal loss and maximum efficiency. Spider sealers tightly lock nutrients in the ground, allowing virtually no gas to escape. Minimal ground disturbance allows anhydrous fertilizer application closer to planting, preventing nutrient loss to leeching and denitrification. In contrast to rigid shank machines, the anhydrous coulter provides excellent stability and maneuverability in high-residue field conditions. Available in 30- and 20-inch row spacings.
  • Nh3 Nutri-Pro Spring-Reset Shanks: Springs reset shanks when tripped.
  • Model Info: Nutri-Pro® Precision
  • Model: NP2330LL
  • Row Spacings: 20", 30" (51, 76 cm)
  • Row Count: 12
  • Drawbar H.P. Req. (Min): 145+
  • Weight (Approx. Max): *13,100 lbs (5,942 kg)
  • Tillage Width: 29'7" (9.0 m)
  • Width (Transport): 17'2" (5.2 m)
  • Height (Transport): 11'1" (3.38 m)
*Weight with tanks



13,100 lb. (5,942 kg)

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