2019 Great Plains HB25-0836

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Great Plains



25' Mounted Rigid Model

The Hipper Bedder, a variation of the Lister Cultivator, is designed to work in the heavy soils of the Delta, creating beds with rolling blades rather than lister bottoms. Built on the Lister Cultivator’s robust, time-proven frame, the Hipper Bedder is ideal for working in heavy, sticky soils where listers are unable to properly roll soil. In contrast to competitive machines, Hipper Bedder’s blade-angle adjustment bolt is easily accessible between the blades for quick angle adjustments. Additionally, operators can easily change working depth with the convenient gauge wheel adjustment handle.

Durable, farmer-friendly, and field-proven, the Hipper Bedder is offered in wide row spacings (36", 38", or 40"), with 22" and 24" blade combinations, or narrow row spacing (30"), with 20" and 22" blade combinations.

  • Hub Assembly: Heavy-duty 6-bolt cast hubs with large-diameter spindles and bearings.
  • Gauge-Wheel Adjustment Handle: Enables desired working depth of bedder to be adjusted easily.
  • Blade-Angle Adjustment Bolt: The blade-angle adjustment bolt is easily accessible between the blades for quick adjustments.
  • Blade Scraper: Removes debris on the blade to keep the blade functioning properly.
  • 3-Point Hitch: The 3-point lift frame extends the length of the center section, creating a fully trussed mainframe. The Hipper/Bedder is available in category 3, 3N, 3W, and 4 configurations.
  • Multiple Row Unit Configurations: Choices on Lister Cultivators include short or long lister bodies, or short or long cultivator bodies with sweeps and optional barring-off discs. Depth coulters or depth tires are available on either configuration, and side shields can be added.
  • Depth-Gauging Coulter: Lister Cultivators utilize an open yoke gauge wheel design that places bracing where strength is needed but out of the way for trash flow. A steel depth gauge and positive lock ensure the set depth remains consistent.
Model Info
  • Model: HB25-0836
  • Type: 3-Point Mounted
  • Row Spacing: 36" (91cm)
  • Row Count: 8 Rows (9 Row Units)
  • Weight (Approx. Lbs): 5,100-5,900 (2,313-2,676kg)
  • PTO H.P. Req (Min): 170+
  • Tillage Width: 27' 11" (8.51m)
  • Transport Width: 27' 11" (8.51m)
  • Transport Height: 6' 4.5" (with 8" of ground clearance) 1.94m (with 20cm of ground clearance)



Working Width
27 ft. 11 in. (8.51m)
27 ft. 11 in. (8.51m)


Number of Shanks
Recommended HP
170+ PTO hp
5,100-5,900 lb. (2,313-2,676kg)

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