2019 Great Plains 9533PP

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Great Plains



Undercutter Tillage Implement

Time is short and moisture is limited. Today’s farming operations require tillage systems that can cover hundreds of acres while carefully managing residue conditions. The 3-, 5-, and 7-section Plains Plows from Great Plains are engineered to withstand the punishment of demanding field conditions while effectively managing surface residue to help retain moisture and prevent erosion.

Plains Plow takes field efficiency to the next level with optional hard pan ripper shanks, which allow for multiple field operations in a single pass. With 48" sweeps, this undercutter tillage implement uses narrower-than-standard V-blades that provide consistent depth in rolling conditions and better cleaning in sticky soils. Hard-faced for long life, treader wheels are spaced 7" apart. This spacing is ideal for breaking up clods, uprooting weeds, and preparing a seedbed.

Select models are available with optional 250-pound wing weights.

  • Heavy-Duty Rolling Coulter: Features a full 20" blade with a yoke-mounted, 4-bolt hub assembly.
  • 48" Sweeps: Narrower-than-standard V-Blades provide consistent depth in rolling conditions and clean better in "sticky" soils.
  • 21" Treader Wheel: 7" spacing is ideal for breaking clods, uprooting weeds, and preparing a seedbed. Hard faced for long life.
  • Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings: Reduce maintenance time and extend life of bearings. These 360° self-aligning bearings are never sideloaded. A six-lip seal on each side locks in grease and prevents contamination. Additionally, the walking beam pivots utilize Teflon™-coated bushings, eliminating the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points.
Model Info
  • Model: 9533PP
  • No. of Blades: 9
  • No. of Sweeps: 9
  • Tires: 11Lx15SL 12-ply (2)
  • *Weight (Approx. Lbs): 11,500
  • PTO H.P. Req (Min): 230+
  • Tillage Width: 33' 4"
  • Transport Width: 18'
  • Transport Height: 14' 6"
Tillage Info
  • Center Section: 10'
  • 1st Wing Section: 7'
  • 2nd Wing Section: 4'
* Approximate maximum weights with attachments.



Working Width
33 ft. 4 in.
11,500 lb.
Recommended HP
230+ PTO hp

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