2019 Great Plains 8551FC

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23' - 60' Conventional Tillage Implement

With the exclusive Max-Mix™ shank pattern, heavy-duty shank options, and five choices of rear finishing attachments, the 8000 Series Field Cultivator from Great Plains is equipped to create a level seedbed that promotes moisture conservation and seed germination.

Featuring a full 24" of underframe clearance, the Field Cultivator has a single-pole tongue on floating hitch models for better balance and tighter turns. The constant-level hitch design is ideal for flatter ground, while the floating hitch option enhances the unit’s overall flexibility, resulting in consistent cultivation regardless of the field’s terrain. The Max-Mix shank pattern enhances fertilizer and manure incorporation, spreads residue evenly, reduces windrowing, and helps eliminate chemical streaking. For better soil movement, shank spacing throughout the machine, especially around tires, has been improved so that no shanks are closer than 28" in any of the four rows.

For enhanced durability, heavy wheel hubs are used in all locations on all models. Heavy hinges on both the inside and outside wings ensure that the folding system is both smooth and reliable.

  • Max-Mix™: With the Max-Mix™ pattern, no shank is closer than 28" on the same bar. The underframe clearance is 24", and the shanks are spaced 7" apart. The Max-Mix™ pattern is a true four-bar design, and shanks exactly split the previous row of shanks. This evenly spreads residue and uniformly incorporates fertilizer and chemicals.
  • Improved Folding System: Folding system has been upgraded with heavier hinges on both inside and outside wings.
  • Heavy-Duty K-Flex or Heavy-Duty Magnum Shank Options: The standard heavy-duty K-Flex shank provides 185 lbs. of point pressure. The optional heavy-duty Magnum shank offers 205 lbs. of point pressure and is ideal for conditions where the shank needs to clear obstructions. All shank combinations feature the Max-Mix pattern for unmatched residue flow.
  • Constant-Level or Floating Hitch Options: The standard, constant-level hitch is ideal for farms with relatively flat fields. The single-pole design on floating hitch models allows for tight turns without interference with the tractor's 3-point hitch. For more challenging field conditions, choose the floating hitch option. It adds maintenance-free caster wheels to the front of the implement and a horizontal pivot at the base of the tongue, enhancing the unit's flexibility for consistent cultivation, regardless of terrain.
  • Narrow Transport Width: The 8000 Series Field Cultivator folds to a narrow 14' transport width on the smallest units and an amazing 16'10" width on the 60' model. All 5-section models feature dual-fold cylinders for additional frame strength.
  • Five Choices of Rear Finishing Attachments: Match field conditions with either a high-residue spike tooth or coil tine with a rolling basket. Clod-shattering high-residue spikes work well in heavy residue conditions while the coil tine and reel is a better choice in lighter soils and sandy conditions. All options provide a level seedbed to conserve moisture, incorporate chemicals and accelerate seed germination.
  • Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings: Reduce maintenance time and extend life of bearings. These 360° self-aligning bearings are never sideloaded. A six-lip seal on each side locks in grease and prevents contamination. Additionally, the walking beam pivots utilize Teflon™-coated bushings, eliminating the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points.
Model Info
  • Model: 8551FC
  • Number of Sweeps: 87
  • Tires: 12.5Lx15 F-ply (4)
  • Weight (Approx Lbs): 15,560
  • PTO H.P. Req: 275+
  • Tillage Width: 51'
  • Transport Width: 16' 10"
  • Transport Height: 14'
Tillage Info
  • Center Section: 12'
  • 1st Wing Section: 10' 6"
  • 2nd Wing Section: 9'



Working Width
51 ft.
16 ft. 10 in.


Number of Shanks
Recommended HP
275+ PTO hp
15560 lb.

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