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Versatile Secondary Tillage Implement

In today’s farming economy, it’s all about getting more done in a day. Recognized as one of the most productive tillage tools in the industry, the Great Plains Disc-O-Vator® can disk, cultivate, harrow, and incorporate herbicide—all in a single pass.

Known for its robust strength, the Disc-O-Vator’s rugged frame is engineered to flex and hug rolling terrain. The Disc-O-Vator also features the Max-Mix™ shank pattern, which increases chemical incorporation, reduces windrowing, and helps eliminate banding. Shanks are spaced at 7" with 9" sweeps to ensure good cutout, and a rugged front gang design is offered with a choice of concave or Turbo blades on 8" spacing. This versatile secondary tillage implement works well behind a fall chisel pass because the front discs chop residue and smooth the field before sweeps run through the soil, which reduces plugging and bunching of trash.

The 8000 Series Disc-O-Vator® line is comprised of 13 models, with working widths ranging from 15' to 52'. Four of the models (DVN) are specifically designed for narrow transport and can be purchased in 15' to 24' versions. With a full line of options and finishing attachments, the Disc-O-Vator can be custom built to fit a diverse range of needs.

  • Max-Mix™ Shank Pattern: With a true four-bar design, shanks on the first and second bars are split by the third and fourth bars. On an effective 7" spacing, no shank is closer than 28" on any bar. The Max-Mix shank design evenly spreads residue and uniformly incorporates fertilizer or manure for even distribution. True, one-pass tillage eliminates the cost of owning several tillage tools.
  • Hydraulic Coulter/Disc Gang Option: Adjust residue coverage levels on-the-go to meet government requirements on HEL ground. Choose from either the coulter option, exclusive to Great Plains units, to run at faster ground speeds or a shallow concave disc option, used to feather worked soil into tractor track impressions left in softer soils. Accomplish excellent penetration and soil movement with 8" blade spacing.
  • Hitch Design: A clean, narrow-profile, self-leveling hitch design with turnbuckle height leveling adjustment.
  • Rebound Valve and Single-Point Depth Control: The highly efficient hydraulic rebound valve provides precise operating depth and keeps the machine running level, which extends the life of the entire hydraulic system. The pressure-reducing valve limits hydraulic cylinder pressure, and the counter-balance valve prevents air from passing through seals and into the system. This valve shines in fields where the machine needs to be raised and lowered numerous times.
  • Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings: Reduce maintenance time and extend life of bearings. These 360° self-aligning bearings are never sideloaded. A six-lip seal on each side locks in grease and prevents contamination. Additionally, the walking beam pivots utilize Teflon™-coated bushings, eliminating the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points.
  • Choice of Rear Finishing Attachments: Add finishing touches to the ultimate seedbed with 5- to 7-bar spike or coil tine and reel combinations. Higher tillage speeds make leveling a bigger task. With the heavy-duty 3-bar spike and reel, front rigid tines aggressively attack the ridge formed by the last row of shanks. Then, two rows of heavy-duty, high-residue spikes follow to feather out the residue and soil. The reel finishes by firming loose soil, providing an outstanding finishing touch for a one-pass tool.
Model Info
  • Model: 8324DV
  • Number of Blades: 36
  • Number of Sweeps: 41
  • Transport Tires: 9.5Lx15 8-ply (4)
  • Weight (Approx Lbs): 10,200
  • PTO H.P. Req (Min): 160+
  • Tillage Width: 23' 9"
  • Transport Width: 14'
  • Transport Height: 10' 9"
Tillage Info
  • Center Section: 9' 9"
  • 1st Wing Section: 7' 6"



Working Width
23 ft. 9 in.
10200 lb.
Recommended HP
160+ PTO hp

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