2019 Great Plains 6329UC 9" Shank Spacing

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Great Plains
6329UC 9" Shank Spacing



Ultra-Durable Tillage

Offered in working widths from 21' to 45', these heavy-duty chisel plows feature 900 lb. trip force for consistent tillage in the 8" depth range. The Ultra-Chisel’s optional rocking bolster system on the center rockshaft ensures even, steady depth control in undulating field conditions, offering unmatched depth uniformity when compared to other large tillage tools in today’s chisel marketplace.

The Ultra-Chisel does a complete job of tilling the entire 6" to 8" soil profile, often eliminating the need for a follow-up pass prior to the seedbed preparation pass. To create a vertically-tilled soil environment, Ultra-Chisel can be equipped with 7" wing points, which are specially designed to create total fracture across the entire profile rather than just rip slots in the soil. Alternatively, large 12" or 16" sweeps can be used for deep tillage and weed control. Optional rear-leveling attachments include a five-bar high-residue spike harrow, a three-bar heavy coil tine, or a three-bar heavy coil tine with a finishing reel.

  • Walking Tandems: Cutting-edge materials and state-of-the-art seals allow this pivot to be maintenance free.
  • Rocking Bolster: Patent-pending rocking bolster-type center frame keeps all center frame wheels on the ground, all the time, regardless of terrain.
  • Heavy-Duty Spring-Tine Harrow with Optional Reel: With three-position adjustable angling, these longer, heavy-duty spring tines increase trash flow while filling in ruts and leveling fields in one pass.
  • Heavy-Duty Chisel Shank: The Ultra-Chisel's spring-loaded shanks have 900 lbs. of trip force and 30" of underframe clearance.
  • Floating Hitch: The floating hitch pivots with the tractor, independently of the machine's frame, so all wheels remain on the ground. This enables all transport tires to carry the whole weight of the machine and ensures uniform, even tillage.
  • Model: 6329UC
  • No. of Shanks (9" Shank Spacing): 39
  • Working Width: 29' 3"
  • Transport Width: 13' 8"
  • Transport Height: 14' 7"
  • PTO H.P. Req: 250-325



Working Width
29 ft. 3 in.
13 ft. 8 in.


Number of Shanks
Recommended HP
250-325 PTO hp

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