2019 Great Plains 24 cu. ft. Turbo-Seeder

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Great Plains
24 cu. ft. Turbo-Seeder



Cover Crop Seeder

Reap the benefits of both cover crops and true vertical tillage with the Turbo-Seeder™ attachment from Great Plains! Now available in two different sizes, this seeder can be installed on select Turbo-Max®, Turbo-Till®, or Turbo-Chopper® models.

Turbo-Seeder offers a cost-effective, highly productive method for seeding cover crops with a vertical tillage tool. With Turbo-Seeder, you can simultaneously till your soil, size residue, and plant cover crops in one pass, while also reducing labor, fuel, and the maintenance costs of conventional planters.

Produced in partnership with Gandy of Owatonna, Minnesota, Turbo-Seeder is a complete, easy-to-install attachment that will come with either a 24 or 45 cu. ft. hopper. The meter shaft is powered by a 12-volt, 25-amp motor, and an 8-gpm hydraulically-driven fan delivers seed to the diffusers. Four seed rate meter wheels are included to match your seed rate requirements. Turbo-Seeder can place high rates of cover crops and small grains, such as oats, wheat, rice, and rye grass. The Turbo-Seeder kit also includes a ladder and walkboard for easy access to the hopper.

Protect your soil, and the environment, with Turbo-Seeder from Great Plains.

  • Zero-Max® Meter Drive: 12-volt, 25-amp meter offers infinite rate adjustments.
  • Ladder and Walkboard: For easy access to the seed hopper without climbing over the machine.
  • Hose Kit: The Turbo-Seeder has 12 or 16 diffusers and 1-1/4" diameter hose for unrestricted air and seed flow.
  • Electric Solenoids: Provide section control on each half of the machine to avoid wasting seed on double-seeding.
  • Easy-Fill Hopper: Slide-away cover speeds and simplifies fills, and the large hoppers are ideal for even large-acreage operations.
  • Diffuser Plate: Distributes the seed laterally and downward in even, 30" bands.
  • 8-GPM Hydraulically-Driven Fan: Achieves even seed distribution across the entire machine. Delivers seed to individual diffuser plates.
  • Model: 24 CU/FT TURBO-SEEDER
  • Hopper Size (cu. ft.): 24
  • Metric Capacity (cu. m.): .65
  • Bushel Capacity (Approx.): 19.2
  • Chemical Capacity (Lbs.): 960
  • Outlet Options (Max.): 16
  • Maximum Broadcast Width at 30" Deflector Spacing (ft.): 40
  • Maximum Broadcast Width at .76m Deflector Spacing (m.): 12
  • Shaft Options: Single
  • 12-Volt Electric Drive - Non-Speed Compensating: Standard
  • Zero-Max Controller: Standard
Currently available for: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2400, 3000, 3500, and 4000 Turbo-Max; 2400TT and 3000TT Turbo-Till



Working Width
40 ft.

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