2018 Great Plains NTA-3510

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35' No-Till Air Drill with Integral Semi-Mounted Design

The field-proven design of the 35' (NTA-3510) No-Till Air Drill by Great Plains centers around a direct link between the implement and the cart. This integral design features the implement semi-mounted to the cart, allowing them to raise and lower independently as they cross undulations in the field. The hydraulic weight transfer system further enhances flexibility and ensures equal weight is distributed to all rows.

Our air drills utilize a spring reset coulter that is separate from the row unit to aid in penetration. This feature allows the operator to set the coulter depth for residue and moisture conditions while the independent opener provides precise seed placement in all conditions from severe no-till to conventional.

Dimpled towers randomize the seed in the air flow while the transition cone at the top of the tower gently changes the seeds’ direction, sending an even proportion to every row.

  • Uniform Seed Distribution: A single fan supplies air to a divided manifold, where the star-wheel meters drop the seed into the airflow of each tower. The towers use a transition cone to uniformly divide the seed to individual rows. A full-length seed tube completes the process, delivering seed to the bottom of the seed trench.
  • Integral Cart-Implement Combination: Semi-mounted to the cart, the implement is short-coupled and extremely flexible in the field. This design also offers exceptional maneuverability when backing into corners of a field or into the storage shed. Because the additional weights are added directly to the center implement section, planting remains consistent whether the cart is full or empty. Hydraulic weight transfer is standard, keeping both the center and wing penetration consistent.
  • Hydraulic Weight Transfer: Transfers weight from the center frame to the wings, allowing even distribution of weight across the entire width of the implement.
Model Info
  • Model: NTA-3510
  • Type: Air Drills
  • Primary Design: No-Till
  • Row Spacings: 7 1/2" (19.1cm) 10" (25.4cm)
  • Number of Openers: 55, 40
  • Tire Size: 11L-15SL
  • H.P. Requirements (Min): 300
  • Weight (Approx. Range): 27,000 (w/ 2350) lbs (12,246kg)
  • Working Width: 35'
  • Width (Transport): 16' 10"
  • Length (Transport): 37' 6"
  • Clearance (Transport): 14"
  • Height (Transport): 13' 10"
  • Opener Series: 10 Series
  • Coulter: 5/8" Turbo, 5/16" Fluted, 3/4" Wavy
  • Main Box Capacity: Depends on Cart
  • Fertilizer: Depends on Cart



Row Count
55, 40
35 ft.
Seed Box Capacity
Depends on Cart
Empty Weight
27,000 lb. (12,246 kg)


37 ft. 6 in.
16 ft. 10 in.
13 ft. 10 in.

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