2018 Great Plains CTA-4500HD

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Great Plains



Heavy-Duty Air Drill

The CTA4500HD brings a new level of versatility to the Great Plains Air Drill line. Loaded with features, this implement delivers 45' of productivity to today’s producer. Designed with tramline capabilities and the ability to turn rows on or off, the modular seed delivery towers ensure accurate seed dispersement to produce top yields while saving valuable seed.

Additionally, the new air drill features electric-over-hydraulic fold and transport controls, hydraulic weight transfer to the wings, and hydraulic opener down pressure, with separate controls for the center and wing sections. For added convenience, the field and fold functions can also be operated from the tractor cab. With a variety of press wheel and row spacing options, the CTA4500HD can be equipped to fit a wide range of tillage operations. From conventional tillage to min-till operations, the CTA4500HD will provide high efficiency with minimal cost per acre.

  • Wheel Track Removal: CTA implement models have an extra opener mounting position to lower the openers that are directly behind tractor tire tracks, ensuring proper seed placement and depth control.
  • Hydraulic Weight Transfer: Transfers weight from the center frame to the subframes and wings, allowing even distribution of weight across the entire width of the implement. (3 gauges for wings, center frame, and wing openers)
  • Distribution Towers: Dimpled distribution towers and transition cone divide seed equally for excellent seed distribution across the entire drill.
  • Active Hydraulic Down Pressure: Simply dial in the desired down pressure and the active hydraulics will constantly maintain that pressure throughout the entire opener range of motion, keeping the opener in uniform contact with the soil in uneven conditions.
Model Info
  • Model: CTA-4500HD
  • Type: Air Drill
  • Primary Design: Min-Till to No-Till
  • Row Spacings: 6" (15.4cm) 7-1/2" (19.1cm) 10" (25.4cm)
  • Number Of Openers: 90 - 6" 72 - 7-1/2" 54 - 10"
  • Tire Size: Center: (8) 12Lx15 Load F Wings: (4) 11Lx15
  • H.P. Requirements (Min): 340
  • Weight (Based On 7.5" Spacing): 25,280 lbs (11,466kg)
  • Working Width: 45'
  • Width (Transport): 19' 10"
  • Length (Transport): 11' 6" from cart mount to machine rear
  • Height (Transport): 13' 10"
  • Opener Series: 00HD Series (15" blades)
  • Fertilizer: Double-Shoot (depends on cart)



Row Count
90 - 6 in.; 72 - 7-1/2 in.; 54 - 10 in.
45 ft.
Empty Weight
25,280 lb. (11,466 kg)


11 ft. 6 in.
19 ft. 10 in.
13 ft. 10 in.

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