2018 Great Plains 3S-4000HD

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Great Plains



40' 3-Section Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Down-Pressure Drills

If the need for a high capacity box drill is in your future, take a close look at these 3-Section Drills from Great Plains. These drills are designed for the large-scale operator to cover the most acres every day. They feature the largest-in-class seed box to keep you in the field longer by minimizing fill time and waterproof lids for maximum protection. A wide walkboard makes filling faster and safer. All models lift only the openers during field turns, reducing wear on the mainframe and speeding up end row cycle times.

These drills are designed to hug terrain over the full working widths. The wing sections feature 20° of upward flex and 15° of downward flex for superior performance on terraced ground. These units may be transported fully loaded and when it’s time to get to the next field, they fold to a narrow 15' for transport.

Maximum Productivity… That’s what you can expect from these 3-Section Min-Till Drills from Great Plains.

  • Superior Flexibility: Opener sub-frames pivot around the gauge wheel axle for "true" contour following and superior opener flexibility. The competition pivots high on their machine which changes the critical opener-to-ground relationship.
  • Independent Sub-Frames: Great Plains uses two hydraulic cylinders per section to conform the opener sub-frames to uneven contours and planting surfaces. This design allows the sub-frame to move independently of the seed boxes and gauge wheels.
  • Constant Hydraulic Down Pressure: Constantly maintains pressure throughout the opener's entire range of motion. Active hydraulics keep the openers in uniform contact with the soil in uneven conditions and varying soil types. This feature optimizes seed placement at all times.
Model Info
  • Model: 3S-4000HD
  • Type: 3-Section Folding
  • Primary Design: Min-Till to No-Till
  • Row Spacings: 6" (15.4cm) 7-1/2" (19.1cm) 10" (25.4cm)
  • Number of Openers: 78 - 6" 63 - 7-1/2" 48 - 10"
  • Tire Size: 11Lx15 (wing) (HD-265/70B16.5 Skid Steer) 12Lx15 (axle) (HD-395/55B16.5 Skid Steer)
  • H.P. Requirements (Min): 180
  • Weight (Approx. Range): 16,500-23,028 lbs (7,484-10,446kg)
  • Working Width: 40'
  • Width (Transport): 15'
  • Length (Transport): 34' 8"
  • Clearance (Transport): 1' 5"
  • Height (Transport): 7' 4"
  • Opener Series: 00HD Series
  • Main Box Capacity: 130 bu
  • Small Seed Box: 9.6 bu
  • Fertilizer: up to 45% of seed box



Row Count
78 - 6 in.; 63 - 7-1/2 in.; 48 - 10 in.
40 ft.
Seed Box Capacity
Main Box Capacity: 130 bu; Small Seed Box: 9.6 bu
Empty Weight
16,500-23,028 lb. (7,484-10,446kg)


34 ft. 8 in.
15 ft.
7 ft. 4 in.

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